Alternative Sicily - Italy

"Water for the skin, wine for vitality." Italian proverb


What we liked:

A very dynamic and cheerful French-speaking team representative of the spirit of Sicily, an island of color and charm. A know-how as impressive as the Etna volcano and a flawless reactivity.

  • Hartwig Nollet

    Hartwig Nollet

  • Helga Bonventre

    Helga Bonventre

Founded: In 2006.

Owners: Hartwig Nollet & Helga Bonventre.

Location: Palermo in Sicily. 

Staff: 3 French-speakers for the organisation of incentives, meetings and conferences.

Number of projects per year: 20 projects.

Average group size: From 20 to 160 people. 

References on the French market: France Benne - AOC - Wurth - BD - Auriege - Barclay Bank France - Comptoir Agricole - Groupe Ulysse - Demeures Prestige 

Hartwig Nollet and Helga Bonventre tell us more about their passion for their work:

Our Belgian and Sicilian recipes give taste to our projects. This sweet lemon/chocolate mix allows us to present original incentive solutions in a dreamlike and adventurous setting. Our MICE experience is characterized by a great flexibility and creativity coupled with a great rigour in our work. Sicily is for us the perfect place to communicate our passion for this island.