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"Every journey is like an entity in its own right; no two are alike."
John Steinbeck

Marché: MICE

What we liked: His dedication to sharing his passion for travel. With him, the United States is unveiled in a new light, thanks to his team of passionate and experienced meeting planners who master this destination thoroughly. His understanding of French clients' preferences and his ability to constantly uncover new experiences define his unique approach.

Contact: Hervé Goujon (pour le marché français )

Founded: 1996

Owner:  Hervé Goujon

LocationEtats Unis

Staff: 3 chefs de projets francophones et 2 coordinateurs terrain et plus que 500 partenaires

References on the French market: Astra Zeneca, GM, Marie Claire, Nissan, Toyota, Volvo

"Organization of trips to the USA for French-speaking groups. Our intimate knowledge of our destinations allows us to quickly handle any request for programs in the United States. From New York to Miami, via New Orleans or Las Vegas, we do everything to ensure your success in America."