We offer long term partnerships and time limited projects.

andrea küpper & partners as representative has 2 divisions:
Representation in France and Luxembourg towards professional MICE key players and leisure tourism.
• Representation in Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and United Kingdom towards leisure tourism professionals only.

We speak to these sort of clients on a daily basis:
Conference Placement Agents
Event Management Companies
Business Travel Agents
Luxury Travel Agents
Tour Operators
Group Travel Organisers
Corporate Accounts from most sectors

We create and build awareness…
We bring decision makers and fine and luxury hotels and DMCs together
We inform, communicate and connect through:
 - Direct sales (telemarketing, face to face meetings, blitzes and get togethers)
 - Online marketing (website, blog, e-mailing, social media)
 - Roadshows
 - Promotional events (luncheons, cocktails, workshops, educationals, etc.)
 - Site visits & inspections
Qualified familiarisation visits to your destination

There are many reasons to consider for outsourcing your sales activities. One of them is the attractive gain to test new markets, or to expand into distant markets without having to undergo an expensive geographic expansion. Another might be to strenghten the existing sales force and reduced turnover costs. Also, we have the language skills ( French, German, English ) and the cultural & economic background in our markets.

We can be the same… but we prefer to be different.

Our "Exclusively Yours" package allows clients to utilise our strengths where and when needed. We may work on a tailor made approach to representation services – we understand that at certain moment of the year you require more time.Our tailor made services can be anything from a helping hand during a busy period, a temporary extension to their main office to a long-term partnership solution.Just contact us for more information!